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Implemented within the national Operational Program “Digital Strategy 2006-2013” co-financed by the Greek State and the European Union, an important project for the protection and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of the Vlachs has been successfully conducted by the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation through the collection, restoration, management and promotion of the archives of the Foundation with a special emphasis on the Vlach community.

The project aimed at better managing and promoting the existing data through the use of new technologies. Thanks to the digital technologies, everyone has the opportunity to access various information collected by the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation, including: data about the traditional and contemporary folklore civilization, data about the pre-industrial technical civilization, data about the commercial activities, the Diaspora and the urban life of the Vlachs. Books, audiovisual documents (music, songs, dances and traditional events) as well as photographic archives (from collections of individuals, organizations, villages, archeological sites, monuments, etc) have been collected and digitized for this purpose.

More than 300 books and albums, thousands of pictures and hours of audiovisual documents in relation to the cultural heritage of the Vlachs have been collected, indexed and digitized by the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation with the support of individuals and Scientifics. The content and the services offered by the online platform promote in the best way the collection and the work of the Foundation and serve research, educational and information objectives.

The online platform also offers community networking tools and e-learning services.

Access to the entire content of online platform and to its tools and services is completely free after a user registration



In an effort to familiarize professional craftspeople and anyone related with the crafts sector with the new information and communication technologies, the World Crafts Council (WCC) decided to create an innovative platform that would offer a wide variety of services to all actors in the crafts sector. In the framework of a European program, entitled IST Programme and in collaboration with WCC organizations, the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation implemented the Easycraft project, based on three objectives:
To offer all European craftspeople a tool that would meet the demands of the crafts sector
To familiarize craftspeople with the use of computers and Internet, following a method that would be adjusted to their needs
To sensitize the entangled bodies, regarding the necessity of using new technologies
Easycraft’s philosophy focuses on bringing together all the related actors in the crafts sector through the use of an easy-to-use portal, where all friends of crafts and arts could exchange expertise and know-how, exhibit or sell their creations through the e-shop, communicate and make their activities known to the world. In addition, Easycraft members have access to a wealth of information on events and exhibitions, communication tools (chat, forum) and experts, covering legal and commercial issues. For further details on the Easycraft System, please visit the website at

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